Distribution block DB-4

Distribution block for use in low voltage switchboards (1kV)

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Technical parameters:
Max. current (In) 192 [A]
Rated insulation voltage (Ui) 1000 AC/1500 DC [V]
Surge voltage (Uimp) 12 [kV]
Material of insulation PA6.6
Material of insert BRASS
Norm compliance: IEC 60947-1, IEC 60947-7-1


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Number of exits


Block variants available
Type Cross-section Available colours Catalogue number Packaging
Single packaging
Collective packaging
DB-4/SZ 70 GREY 0470200070201 5/1,05 100/21
DB-4/N 70 BLUE 0470200070202 5/1,05 100/21
DB-4/ZZ 70 GREEN-YELLOW 0470200070203 5/1,05 100/21
Characteritics of block
Cross-sectional area
Wire type Cross-section of wires [mm2] Screw type Max. connections Socket depth
Hexagon socket, screw keys [mm] Max. torque
Fixing method
Fixing method
[screw Ø] 4
6-50 M12x14
6-50 M12x14