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Taking care of the quality of our products and the safety of their users:

We provide safety of use which is confirmed by CE certificates issued by external laboratories,
We apply rigorous quality control, which is carried out at all stages of our product development,
We work only with suppliers from the European Union, whose materials meet the highest quality standards,
We take care of the quality of all materials provided by our partners, requiring the submission of a quality certificate with each delivery.
Below we present the key events in the history of our company, from its inception to the present day.

History of the company


Our company was established in response to the market demand.
The first insulated connection busbars leave our production plant.
We are introducing a new model of insulated connection busbar with a cross-section of 12 mm2 to the market.


Our logo is created. It reflects the features of our company.
We already offer over 40 models of insulated busbars.


The production of busbars is reaching the limits of production possibilities.
A decision is made to start an investment in a modern production plant.
We are expanding our offer to 80 models of insulated busbars.


First investments in the company’s new location.
We have ready designs of production lines.


First products leave the production line in the new plant.
We offer over 100 models of insulated busbars.


The company inaugurates its presence at the international Light & Building fair in Frankfurt (Germany), thus making the first step to enter foreign markets with its product offer.

Since then, the company has regularly participated in subsequent editions of the most important European trade fairs in its industry.

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