Elkat’s offer includes two groups of products: insulated busbars as well as distribution and universal blocks. All of our products are manufactured in our production plant, and their design is carried out in accordance with the standards set out in EN PN 60947-1 and EN PN 60947-7-1. Design processes are supported by 3D (solid) spatial design techniques, and the so-called rapid prototyping with the use of 3D printing. To the extent necessary, we use load simulation techniques for the designed products in the scope of necessary strength calculations. Designing supplemented with tests in our internal laboratory allows for optimal preparation of the product for the customer. All our products are tested in independent research units, in order to confirm that our products meet the requirements of the above-mentioned standards, which allows us to give the CE mark to the company’s products.

Insulated connecting busbars

The use of insulated busbars in switchgears manufactured by Elkat in relation to classic cable connections in low voltage switchgears (up to 1kV) allows:

  • obtaining a safe and durable connectionbetween the connecting devices, which contributes to increasing the safety of use of the switchboards in which they are installed,
  • a significant reduction in the cost of connecting modular equipment (and thus the cost of manufacturing the switchgear), due to the very short time of busbar assembly compared to cable connections,
  • obtaining a very good ergonomics of assembly, consisting in the use of the busbar to connect many devices in series on the TH rail and achieving a large space savings in switching stations due to the small dimensions of the busbar,
  • due to the multitude of types and models of our busbars offered, it enables a flexible approach in combining various types of modular apparatus in switchboards of various sizes.

Overall, our insulated busbars have the following features:

  • The (insulating) profile of the busbar is made of PVC
  • The conductive lines are made of CuM1E electrical copper
  • Stability of busbars from -20 to +70 degrees Celsius
  • Surge voltage U(imp) 2.5-6kV
  • current carrying capacity of the busbars is 63A, 80A and 100A, respectively.

Distribution blocks

The use of distribution blocks offered by our company has the following advantages:

  • very good ergonomics, allows you to save space in the switchboard when assembling blocks,
  • the use of threaded clamps adapted to the cross-sections of the connected wires, allows for a high-quality, stable electrical connection,
  • the very good quality of the material of the conductive insert and the high quality of its processing allow for the safe transfer of higher electrical loads, which significantly increases the safety of using the switchgear.

Universal blocks

The universal blocks offered by us, are characterized by the following advantages:

  • similarly to distribution blocks, the universal blocks are characterized by high ergonomics, which allows you to save space in the switchboard during their assembly,
  • they are equipped with threaded clamps, adapted to the cross-sections of the connected electric wires, ensuring high quality and stability of the electric connection
  • thanks to galvanic treatment (tinning) of inserts, they allow for connecting wires made of various materials: aluminum and copper.